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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I need to call Pulstar for technical assistance or to order a repair part.  What information will Pulstar technicians need so that they can help me?

Answer: All Pulstar Pump Hoists have a Model Number/Serial Number Tag on the side of the Pump Hoist.  Please write down your Model Number and Serial Number and give that information
to the Pulstar technician so that they can look up your Pump Hoist information up when you call.

Question:How often should I change my Hydraulic Oil Filter on a P4-P20 Pump Hoist?

Answer: For maximum performance we suggest that you change your oil filter at least once per year.  Another indicator for you is the oil filter gauge.  The best time to
check the oil filter gauge is when the operating temperature is at 96F Degrees.  An easy way to check the temperature of the oil is by placing your hand on the
Oil Tank, if it is warm to the touch your oil is approximately 96 degrees F.  If at any time your needle enters the Yellow area at that temperature it is time to change the filter.

Question: Do you recommend that we use Rope or Bungee Cords to tie down pipe on pipe racks.

Answer: Absolutely not.  They are not a safe and secure way to hold pipe on a rack.


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